Evergreen library launches drive to buy books

highlinetimes.com***The Evergreen High Campus Library in White Center has launched an online fundraiser to purchase books to provide students and teachers with resources for reading, research and curriculum supplements. The fundraising goal is $2,000.
"There simply is no money in the budget to fill our library with the books our students and teachers need," said Joanne Glasgow, the school's librarian. "The library plays a critical role in increasing literacy and test scores among students, as well as contributing to the lifelong joy of reading."
The library is now looking to parents, community members and businesses for help in raising the needed funds. They are participating in a new online fundraising program called Funds4Books, sponsored by Mackin Educational Resources, a school library and classroom vendor with 26 years of experience.
For every $10.00 donated, the library can purchase a new book that is ready to be shelved and checked out. Most important, 100 percent of every donation goes to the library.
To participate, donors go to www.funds4books.com, and log in to Evergreeen's personal Funds4Books page with the code 4955. From there they can donate via credit card, e-check or check. For those without computer access or a credit card, the library will accept "Funds4Books" checks.
"We are so excited this new donation program is available for schools to raise much-needed money to purchase books and other learning materials," said Glasgow. "The fact that 100 percent of every donation comes right to the library is truly amazing and sets it far apart from other fundraising programs and book fairs. It doesn't require staff or volunteer time, and all the books are labeled and shipped for free.
"If everyone gives a little, we can reach our goal of $2000," said Glasgow. "I can't wait to see all those smiling faces when the new books arrive."
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